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Examples of Functional Data Analyses

Here are same examples showing the methods of functional data analysis at work on real data. These examples have been chosen so as to display a range of problems requiring the FDA approach, and have also been chosen for a range of expertise levels.

If the heading is in green, the intended expertise level is someone with a basic knowledge of statistics, possibly little exposure to calculus, probably working in a substantive area, and who is possibly just curious to see what FDA can do.

A blue heading indicates material intended for someone who probably already has some acquaintance with FDA, and an intermediate level of both mathematical and statistical expertise.

Headings in black indicate a more advanced level. For example, if the material assumes some knowledge of differential equations, it will be in this level of expertise.

Also found here will be some background material that might otherwise be hard to find for those not working directly in statistics. The two pages on basis functions are an example of such information.

If you want more examples, along with data and annotated code, you might try the website associated with Ramsay, J. O. and Silverman, B. W. (2002) Applied Functional Data Analysis, New York: Springer.