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Resources on Functional Data Analyses

The principal reference on functional data analysis is the book by J. O. Ramsay and B. W. Silverman (1997) Functional Data Analysis, New York: Springer.
It provides some background material on how to smooth data, and then continues with chapters on:

  • registering curves,
  • exploring variation among curves with principal components analysis
  • modeling functional dependent variables with a functional version of analysis of variance
  • using more sophisticated functional linear models involving independent or covariate variables which are also functional
  • assessing modes of joint variation between two sets of curves using a functional version of canonical correlation analysis
  • background information on linear differential equations as modeling tools
  • returning to the variation exploration problem, but this time by estimating a linear differential equation to model curves, using principal differential analysis

This year we are revising this book to provide better coverage on a number of topics, and to highlight new research.

A useful secondary reference, and especially for those considering possible applications of FDA, is a book of case studies, Ramsay, J. O. and Silverman, B. W. (2002) Applied Functional Data Analysis, Many of the sets of data used in this book are available, along with annotated code for their analysis, at the website that accompanies this book.

A group called STAPH (Groupe de Travail en Statistique Fonctionnelle et Opeatorielle) meets regularly at l'Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. They have a bilingual website where their schedule of meetings and papers are posted.

A group of biologists, mathematicians and statisticians at the University of British Columbia are developing methods for function-valued traits. Their work can be followed through their website.

Go to the conferences pages where you will see workshops that have already been given on functional data analysis, along with PowerPoint and PDF displays from the lectures on the topics discussed at the workshop. These pages will also indicate coming workshops.

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