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Some References on Functional Data Analysis

The intention here is to list some books and paper on functional data analysis (FDA) that have been relatively important in advancing the field, and also to provide some expository references for those coming in from areas other than statistics who want some sample studies and some basic material. Of course, if you're reading this, you already have access to the Examples pages that are also a part of this web site, and first-timers should go there first.

I've classified these monographs and papers in terms of how much statistical and mathematical expertise is required to read them.

Researchers and students coming from outside of statistics and mathematics, but obviously knowing at least a little about statistics.

For researchers and students at an undergraduate level in statistics, or for those in other areas with a strong statistics background.

For those already involved in functional data analysis as a research area, or with graduate level training in statistics and/or mathematics

This list was compiled, and further commented on, by James O. Ramsay.