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Here are the Powerpoints used during the FDA workshop at the International
Meeting of the Psychometric Society in Sardinia, July 2003.

To view these presentations click on the chosen one and pick "open". If you are using Internet Explorer the presentation will open within your browser. To change slide please use the vertical bar and arrows on the right-side of the screen. If you wish to view a presentation through the Powerpoint program pick "Save" or right-click and choose "Save Target As".

1) Basis Basics

2) Human Growth: From data to functions

3) Functional linear models

4) Mouse Livers: Derivatives and Functional Linear Models

5) Phase-Plane Plotting the Nondurable Goods Index

6) ADHD Reaction Times: Densities, Mixed Effects, and PCA

7) Functional Methods for Testing Data

8) Functional Data Analysis of Continuous Judgments in Music Cognition

9) Phase and Amplitude Variation in Montreal Weather

10) Handwriting: Registration and Differential Equations

11) From Data to Differential Equations

Data and sample code of some of the workshop examples can be downloaded through the FDA software page.