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Books and Other Monographs

For Non-Statisticians:
Unfortunately this web site is about all we've got! Some work to do here! Do visit the examples page for interesting examples.

For Intermediates:

  • Bookstein, F. L. (1991) Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data: Geometry and Biology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Especially interesting for it's approach to the registration problem in a spatial data context.
  • Caillez, F. and Pagès, J. P. (1976) Introduction à l'analyse des données. Paris: SMASH.
    It's a shame that a version of this book never made it into English. These authors wrote a truly different book on multivariate data analysis in the French functional analytic tradition, but aimed at non-mathematicians, and largely successful, too.
  • Diggle, P. J., Liang, K.-Y. and Zeger, S. L. (1994) Analysis of Longitudinal Data. New York: Oxford University Press.
    An important text on this closely related field.
  • Hastie, T. and Tibshirani, R. (1990) Generalized Additive Models. New York: Chapman and Hall.
    GAM is a type of functional data analysis; and their highly readable book contains a nice discussion of splines among many other goodies.
  • Ramsay, J. O. and Silverman, B. W. (1997). Functional Data Analysis. New York: Springer-Verlag.
    Is this an intermediate reference? We tried. We are now revising this thing.
  • Ramsay, J. O. and Silverman, B. W. (202). Applied Functional Data Analysis. New York: Springer-Verlag.
    Surely this is intermediate. FDA put to work on various interesting problems, and a little new theory added here and there.
  • Simonoff, J. S. (1996) Smoothing Methods in Statistics. New York: Springer.
    A good reference on smoothing, with lots of examples, and well written, too.