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Staff and Students

Amélie Bernard
Fatima Nguyen

I am currently a doctoral student in Psychology. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at McGill University and my Masters degree at the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign. My main interest is in statistical learning and the mechanisms by which statistical patterns are generalized. In the domain of language, I study how infants, toddlers and adults learn about the allowable sequencing of their language, and how they generalize newly-learned sequences. In the domain of physical reasoning, I am interested in how children track statistical patterns and generate mechanisms that can explain these patterns and allows them to generalize the patterns across events.

My name is Fatima and I recently finished U1 in Physical Therapy. Although I do not have a background in Psychology or Linguistics, I believe that infants studies are important. I joined the MIDC because I wanted to explore those fields and contribute to research on children.
Inés Patiño Anaya
Julia Petrovic
I am a U3 student majoring in cognitive science, concentrating on neuroscience and linguistics. My main area of interest is bilingual language acquisition.   My name is Julia and I am currently a U3 student at McGill. I am majoring in Psychology as well as doing a double minor in Cognitive Science and Behavioral Science. My main fields of interest include cognitive development and personality/social psychology. Having worked with infants and children of all ages outside of MIDC, being part of this lab has provided me the opportunity to better understand how they make sense of the world. It has allowed me to experience firsthand what working in a research center entails, a challenge which has been a wonderful learning experience. I look forward to continuing with MIDC, as it has only heightened my interest and passion towards the field of Psychology.
Leah Kim
Hello. I am a U3 undergraduate majoring in Psychology. I haven't had any research experience before coming to MIDC. I love working with children and the idea of studying child development fascinated me. So I thought MIDC would be a perfect space that would offer me an amazing experience. I learned so much from MIDC that would help me through as I go on to graduate studies!  
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