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Interested in Psychometrics and Quantitative Methods?

Graduate student applications for the PhD program in psychology and requests from undergraduates who wish to be involved in research will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Experience in computer programming and/or coursework in math/statistics is desirable. I am also happy to entertain potential collaborations from researchers in related fields (biostatistics, statistics, educational measurement). See the page on Research for papers/topics that form the basis of my research program.

Lab Personnel

Graduate Students


Josh Starr

PhD Student


Michael J. Ilagan

PhD Student



Qi Zhang

Research Assistant


Vivien Lee

Undergraduate Honors Research Student

Recent Publications

Abstract In educational and psychological measurement, a person-fit statistic (PFS) is designed to identify aberrant response patterns. …

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in item response models for measuring response styles on Likert-type items. These …

We present a monotonic polynomial graded response (GRMP) model that subsumes the unidimensional graded response model for ordered …

Acquiescence is a commonly observed response style that may distort respondent scores. One approach to control for acquiescence …

One flexible approach for item response modeling involves use of a monotonic polynomial in place of the linear predictor for commonly …

Research Support

I am grateful to the following funding agencies and computational resources for support of past and current research:

SSHRC NSERC FRQNT ComputeCanada CalculQuebec


  • McGill University, Department of Psychology, 2001 McGill College, Room 753, Montreal, QC H3A 1G1, Canada