Motor Neuroscience Laboratory

Speech Motor Learning Sensory Plasticity Generalization Impedance Control

This work involving both speech and arm movement finds evidence in support of the idea that human motor learning is substantially local.

Rochet-Capellan A, Richer L, Ostry DJ (2012) Non-homogeneous transfer reveals specificity in speech motor learning, J Neurophysiol 107:1711-1717.
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Rochet-Capellan A, Ostry DJ (2011) Simultaneous acquisition of multiple auditory-motor transformations in speech. J Neurosci 31:2648-2655.
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Mattar AAG,Ostry DJ (2010) Generalization of dynamics learning across changes in movement amplitude. J Neurophysiol 104:426-438.
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Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2007) Modifiability of generalization in dynamics learning. J Neurophysiol 98:3321-3329.
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