Michael Petrides


Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room N7/6, 398-6131
michael.petrides at mcgill.ca

Research Areas

Cognition-Language-Perception, Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Summary

Prof. Petrides's research interests lie in the area of neuropsychology/cognitive neuroscience and involve the analysis of the functions of the frontal, temporal, and parietal neocortex and related subcortical neural structures.  This is pursued by investigations of the cognitive impairments observed in patients with focal brain lesions, by the analysis of the behavioral effects of lesions in animals, and functional neuroimaging studies with PET and EMRI.

Selected References

Amiez, C., Kostopoulos, P., Champod, A.S., Collins, D.L., Doyon, J., Del Maestro, R., & Petrides, M. (2008)  Preoperative functional magnetic resonance imaging assessment of higher-order cognitive function in patients undergoing surgery for brain tumors.  Journal of Neurosurgery, 108, 258-268.

Iaria, G., Robbins, S., & Petrides, M. (2008)  Three-dimensional probabilistic maps of the occipital sulci of the human brain in standardized stereotaxic space. Neuroscience, 151, 174-185.

Petrides, M. (2008)  Selection between competing responses based on conditional rules. In Neuroscience of Rule-Guided Behavior, S.A. Bunge and J.D. Wallis (eds.), Oxford University Press, Ch. 1, pp. 3-21.


Petrides, M., & Pandya, D.N., (2008)  Neural circuitry underlying language. In Neuropsychological Research: A Review, P. MariŽn & J. Abutalebi (eds.), Psychology Press, Ch. 2, pp. 25-50.

Updated: March 1, 2010
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