Please consult the "prospective graduate students" link for detailed information. The application deadline for Fall 2015 admission is December 15, 2014.

When completing the online application form and you are applying to the clinical program, select PhD-T.

When completing the online application form and you are applying to the experimental program, select Masters of Arts or Masters of Science. Should you have completed or will complete a Master's degree, select PhD-T.


McGill University is located in downtown Montreal, a cosmopolitan city with diverse linguistic and cultural groups. McGill is an English-language institution with a long and distinguished history in Quebec and Canada. The Department of Psychology is one of the oldest and best known in North America. The department enjoys extensive professional ties with other institutions in Montreal, including English and French universities, schools, hospitals, and social service centres.

The Department of Psychology offers two full-time, research-intensive graduate program tracks, ultimately leading to a PhD: a program in Experimental Psychology and a program in Clinical Psychology.

  • In the Experimental Program, students wishing to pursue a PhD are either admitted into a Master’s program (MA or MSc) or, if their GPA permits, directly into the PhD program.
  • If students are admitted into a Master’s program they either (a) complete the Master’s degree and then enter the PhD program or (b) fast-track into the PhD program after undergoing a formal evaluation and admission process.
  • In the Clinical Program both research and clinical training are combined. Students are typically admitted directly from a Bachelor's degree to the PhD program. The Clinical Program is fully accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) and is a member of the Academy of Clinical Science.

The following six research areas are well represented in the department:

(a) cognition-language-perception
(b) behavioral neuroscience
(c) developmental psychology
(d) social-personality psychology
(e) health psychology
(f) quantitative-modeling psychology

The department does not offer programs in industrial, managerial, or consumer psychology, or in counseling or educational psychology. Please note that the Faculty of Management offers a PhD in administration with a concentration in organizational behavior. Additionally, the Faculty of Education offers graduate degrees in counseling and educational psychology.

There are approximately 110 graduate students in the department, and 10-20 new students begin study each year. The department only accepts students who are planning to pursue their PhD degree with full time study. Applications for part-time study or for the completion of only a Master's degree are not considered. All new students enter the department in September. In addition to Canadian students, the department maintains a rich tradition of training international students from all parts of the world including the United States, the British Commonwealth, Europe, and Asia..

The primary objective of the graduate program is to provide an environment in which students develop skills and expertise that will aid them during a professional teaching, research, and possibly clinical career. In the experimental program, undergraduate-type courses and examinations are kept to a minimum. Success in the program depends upon a student's ability to self manage, organize and use available time and resources provided by the department. The department places the primary importance on conceiving and conducting research in the student's area of interest. In the clinical program there is a substantial course load during the first two years, after which the emphasis shifts to research and professional training.


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