Karim Nader


William Dawson Scholar
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow                
CIHR New Investigator


Stewart Biological Sciences Building
Room N8/8, 398-3511
karim.nader at mcgill.ca

Research Areas

Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Summary

Professor Nader is interested in understanding what are the neurobiological processes involved in acquiring and storing motional memories, with specific emphasis on fear. One of the main thrusts of the lab is the study of memory reconsolidation. When a memory is retrieved, it is transformed into a vulnerable state in which it can be lost, changed or strengthened depending on the experimental manipulation. He asks questions at the behavioral, physiological and molecular levels of analysis. In addition, he is performing research testing various motivational theories of goal directed behavior.

Selected References

Hardt, O., Einarsson, E. & Nader, K. (2010) A bridge over troubled water: Reconsolidation as a link between cognitive and neuroscienctific memory research traditions, Annual Review of Psychology, 61:141-67 

Hardt, O., Migues, P. Hastings, M, Wong, J. & Nader, K. (2009) PKMζ maintains recent and remote long-term object location but not object identity memory in dorsal hippocampus. Hippocamus, Oct 5th.

Wang, S, Alverez, L. & Nader, K. (2009) Cellular and systems mechanisms of memory strength as a constraint on auditory fear reconsolidation. Nature Neuroscience 21 June 2009 | doi:10.1038/nn.2350

Hardt, O. & Nader, K. (2009) A single standard for memory: The case for reconsolidation, Nature Review Neuroscience. 10(3): 224-34

Updated: June 1, 2010
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