Ronald Melzack

Professor Emeritus

Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room N8/5, 398-6084
ronald.melzack at

Research Areas

Cognition-Language-Perception, Behavioral Neuroscience, Health

Research Summary

Prof. Melzack's research deals with pain mechanisms in humans and animals. At the Montreal General Hospital, he and his colleagues are examining the role of the sympathetic nervous system in chronic and acute pain. He is also studying mechanisms involved in labour pain. A major current interest is phantom limbs in amputees and paraplegics. In studies with animal subjects, he and his students are investigating the analgesia produced by the injection of local anesthetics in discrete areas of the brain. He and his students are also examining the problem of development of tolerance to morphine.

Selected References

Melzack, R. (1992). Phantom limbs. Scientific American, 266, 120-126.

Melzack, R. (1990). The tragedy of needless pain. Scientific American, 262, 27-33.


Melzack, R. and Wall, P.D.  The challenge of Pain.  Penguin Books, Updated 2nd edition; reprinted 2008 with a new Introduction.

Selected Articles

Chapter 6 - Pain and Stress: A New Perspective

Phantom Limbs, the Self and the Brain - Canadian Psychology, 1989, 30:1-16.   

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