Richard Koestner


Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room W8/30, 398-6110
richard.koestner at

Research Areas

Developmental, Social-Personality, Clinical

Research Summary

Prof. Koestner conducts research on goal-setting, self-regulation and internalization processes. Broad questions of interest include: How do individuals motivate themselves to pursue valued goals? and How do they determine which goals and guidelines to internalize from their social-cultural surroundings? Professor Koestner's recent work has focused on the maladaptive consequences of regulation based on extrinsic rewards or controlling introjects.

Selected References

Chua, S., & Koestner, R. (2008) A self-determination theory perspective on the role of autonomy in solitary behaviour. Journal of Social Psychology, 148, 645-647.


Koestner, R. (2008)  Reaching one’s personal goals: A motivational analysis focusing on autonomy. Canadian Psychologist, 49, 60-67.


Koestner, R., Otis, N., Powers, T., Pelletier, L., & Gagnon, H. (2008) Autonomous motivation, controlled motivation and goal progress. Journal of Personality, 76, 1201- 1230. 

Landry, R., Whipple, N., Mageau, G., Joussemet, M., Gingras, I., Didio, L., & Koestner, R. (2008) Trust in organismic development, autonomy support, and adaptation among mothers and their children: A self-determination theory approach to parenting. Motivation & Emotion, 32, 173-188.

Updated: March 1, 2010
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