Bärbel Knäuper

Associate Professor

Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room N7/12, 514-398-8186
barbel.knauper at mcgill.ca

Research Areas

Health, Social-Personality

Research Summary

Prof. Knäuper’s area of research is applied social cognition with a focus on health. She studies how individuals make health related judgments (e.g., risk perception); how cognitions (e.g., health beliefs) influence health behavior; and how interventions can be used to restructure health-related cognitions and behaviors. Currently, she studies these processes mainly in the areas of sexual health and eating behavior (dieting, obesity, diabetes). Her methodological interests include the construction of psychometric scales, questionnaire design and the validity of self reports.

Selected References


Knäuper, B., Stich, C., Yugo, M., & Tate, C. (2008)  Stretched rating scales cause guided responding.  Health Communication, 23(3) 253-258. 


Knäuper, B.,  Dubé., Bechara, A.,  Böckenholt, U., Ansari, A., Dagher, A., De Sarbo, W. S., Hammond, R. A., Huang, T. T-K, Huettel, S., Knäuper, B., Kooreman, P., & Smidts, A. (2008)  Toward a brain-to society systems model of individual choice Marketing Letters, 19 (3-4), 323-336.


Monson, E., Knäuper, B., & Kronick, I. (2008) Food temptations spontaneously elicit compensatory beliefs in dieters.  McGill Science Undergraduate Research journal, 3(1), 42-45. 

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