Alain Dagher

Associate Professor

Montreal Neurological Institute
3801 University Street,
Montreal, PQ, H3A 2B4

Phone: 514-398-1726
E-mail: alain.dagher at

Research Summary

Dr. Dagher received his MD from the University of Toronto in 1989. He completed a residency in neurology at McGill University and a fellowship in movement disorders and brain imaging at the Hammersmith Hospital. He has been an attending neurologist at the Montreal Neurological Institute since 1997. His clinical specialty is movement disorders, with a focus on Parkinson’s Disease. His main research interest is functional brain imaging using fMRI and PET scanning to understand the function of the basal ganglia, frontal lobes and dopamine in motivated behaviors. This research has touched on the cognitive deficits in Parkinson’s Disease, stress and anxiety, schizophrenia, drug addiction, obesity, and pathological gambling and other behavioral addictions.


Montreal Neurological Institute - Alain Dagher

Updated: May, 2012
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