Evan Balaban

Associate Professor

Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room N8/15, 514-398-4234
evan.balaban at mcgill.ca

Research Areas

Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognition-Language-Perception

Research Summary


Selected References

Balaban, E.  (Pompeiano, O., D’Ascanio, P., Balaban, E., Centini, C., & Pompeiano, M.) Gene expression in autonomic areas of the medulla and the central nucleus of the amygdala in rats during and after space flight.  Neuroscience 124:53-69, (2004).

Balaban, E.  Why voles stick together.  Nature 429: 711-712, (2004).

Patel, A. & Balaban, E. (2004).  Human auditory cortical dynamics during  perception of long acoustic sequences: Phase tracking of carrier frequency by the auditory steady state response. Cerebral Cortex 14: 35-46.

Updated: February 1, 2015
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