Overviews of my Research Area:

Zuroff, D.C., Mongrain, M., & Santor, D.A.  (2004). Conceptualizing and measuring personality vulnerability to depression:
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Zuroff, D.C., Santor, D.A., & Mongrain, M. (2005). Dependency, self-criticism, and maladjustment.  In J.S. Auerbach, K.J. Levy, and C.E. Schaffer (Eds.), Relatedness, Self-definition and mental representation: Essays in honor of Sidney J. Blatt. (pp 75-90). Brunner-Routledge: London.
Blatt, S.J., & Zuroff, D.C. (2005). Empirical evaluation of the assumptions in identifying evidence based treatments in mental health. Clinical Psychology Review, 25, 459-486.

Other Recent Publications:

Kelly, A.C., Zuroff, D.C., Foa, C.L., & Gilbert, P. (2010). Who benefits from training in self-compassionate self-regulation? Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 29, 727-755.

Kopala-Sibley, D.C., Zuroff, D.C., Russell, J.J., Moskowitz, D.S., & Paris, J. (2012).Understanding heterogeneity in Borderline Personality Disorder: Differences in affective reactivity explained by the traits of Dependency and Self-Criticism. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 121, 680-691.

Zuroff, D.C., Koestner, R., Moskowitz, D.S., McBride, C, & Bagby, R.M. (2012). Therapist's autonomy support and patient's Self-Criticism predict motivation during brief treatments for depression. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 31, 903-932.

Kelly, A.C., Carter, J., Zuroff, D.C., Borairi, S. (2013). Self-compassion and fear of self-compassion interact to predict response to eating disorders treatment: A preliminary investigation. Psychotherapy Research, 23, 252-264.

Kopala-Sibley, D.C., Zuroff, D.C., Russell, J.J., & Moskowitz, D.S. (2014). Understanding heterogeneity in social anxiety disorder: Dependency and self-criticism moderate fear responses to interpersonal cues. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 53, 141-156.

Mauas, V., Kopala-Sibley, D.C., & Zuroff, D.C. (2014). Depressive symptoms in the transition to menopause: The role of irritability, personality vulnerability, and self-regulation. Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 14, 279-289.


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