Morton J. Mendelson

Associate Professor   
Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)

**To potential applicants: Due to his administrative responsibilities, Prof. Mendelson is not accepting graduate students.

Office of the Provost
845 Sherbrooke Street West
James Administration Building
Room 621, 398-3109
morton.mendelson at

Research Areas

Developmental, Social-Personality

Research Summary

Prof. Mendelson does research on positive and negative components of same- and cross-sex relationships, including friendship, in adolescence and young adulthood.  He also does research on how self-esteem and body esteem are related as well as on predictors on three aspects of body esteem--evaluation of general appearance, weight satisfaction, and attribution of evaluation of one's appearance to others.

Selected References

Mendelson, M.J. & Kay, A. C.  Positive feelings in friendship: Does imbalance in the relationship matter?  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, v. 20, (2003) 101- pp. 116.

Aboud, F. E., Mendelson M.J. & Purdy, K. T. Cross-race peer relations and friendship quality.  International Journal of Behavioral Development, v. 27, (2003) pp. 165-173.

Lacasse, A., Purdy, K. T. & Mendelson, M.J.  The mixed company they keep: Potentially offensive sexual behaviors among adolescents.  International Journal of Behavioral Development, v. 27, (2003) pp. 532-540.

Updated: January 1, 2007
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