Sonya G. Wilson (now Sonya G. Lehto), Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Graduate Student

Currently a Senior Scientist at Amgen Inc.

  • Dissertation Title:  "Heritability of nociception and antinociception."
  • Mogil, J.S. and Wilson, S.G. Nociceptive and morphine antinociceptive sensitivity of 129 and C57BL/6 inbred mouse strains: implications for transgenic knock-out studies. Eur. J Pain, 1:293-297, 1997.
  • Mogil, J.S., Lichtensteiger, C.A., and Wilson, S.G. The effect of genotype on sensitivity to inflammatory nociception: characterization of resistant (A/J) and sensitive (C57BL/6J) inbred mouse strains. Pain, 76:115-125, 1998.
  • Grisel, J.E., Farrier, D.E., Wilson, S.G., and Mogil, J.S. [Phe1Y(CH2-NH)Gly2] nociceptin-(1-13)-NH2 acts as an agonist of the orphanin FQ/nociceptin receptor in vivoEur. J. Pharmacol., 357:1-3, 1998.
  • Mogil, J.S., Nessim, L.A., and Wilson, S.G. Strain-dependent effects of supraspinal orphanin FQ/nociceptin on thermal nociceptive sensitivity in mice.Neurosci. Lett., 261:147-150, 1999.
  • Mogil, J.S., Wilson, S.G., Bon, K., Lee, S.E., Chung, K., Raber, P., Pieper, J.O., Hain, H.S., Belknap, J.K., Hubert, L., Elmer, G.I., Chung, J.M., and Devor, M. Heritability of nociception. I. Responses of eleven inbred mouse strains on twelve measures of nociception. Pain, 80:67-82, 1999.
  • Mogil, J.S., Wilson, S.G., Bon, K., Lee, S.E., Chung, K., Raber, P., Pieper, J.O., Hain, H.S., Belknap, J.K., Hubert, L., Elmer, G.I., Chung, J.M., and Devor, M. Heritability of nociception. II. 'Types' of nociception revealed by genetic correlation analysis. Pain, 80:83-93, 1999.
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  • Flores, C.M, Wilson, S.G., and Mogil, J.S. Pharmacogenetic variability in neuronal nicotinic receptor-mediated antinociception. Pharmacogenetics, 9:619-625, 1999.
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  • Wilson, S.G. and Mogil, J.S. Measuring pain in the (knockout) mouse: big challenges in a small mammal. Behav. Brain Res., 125:65-73, 2001.
  • Wilson, S.G., Chesler, E.J., Hain, H., Rankin, A.J., Schwarz, J.Z., Call, S.B., Murray, M.R., West, E.E., Teuscher, C., Rodriguez-Zas, S., Belknap, J.K., and Mogil, J.S. Identification of quantitative trait loci for chemical/inflammatory nociception in mice. Pain, 96:385-391, 2002.
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  • Chesler, E.J., Wilson, S.G., Lariviere, W.R., Rodriguez-Zas, S.L., and Mogil, J.S. Influences of laboratory environment on behavior. Nature Neurosci., 5:1101-1102, 2002.
  • Chesler, E.J., Wilson, S.G., Lariviere, W.R., Rodriguez-Zas, S.L., and Mogil, J.S. Identification and ranking of genetic and laboratory environment factors influencing a behavioral trait, thermal nociception, via computational analysis of a large data archive. Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev., 26:907-923, 2002.
  • Wilson, S.G., Smith, S.B., Chesler, E.J., Melton, K.A., Haas, J.J., Mitton, B., Strasburg, K., Hubert, L., Rodriguez-Zas, S.L., and Mogil, J.S. The heritability of antinociception: common pharmacogenetic mediation of five neurochemically distinct analgesics. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 304:547-559, 2003.
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  • Bon, K., Lichtensteiger, C.A., Wilson, S.G., and Mogil, J.S. Characterization of cyclophosphamide cystitis, a model of visceral and referred pain, in the mouse: species and strain differences. J. Urol., 170:1008-1012, 2003.
  • Chesler, E.J., Ritchie, J., Kokayeff, A., Lariviere, W.R., Wilson, S.G., and Mogil, J.S. Genotype-dependence of gabapentin and pregabalin sensitivity: the pharmacogenetic mediation of analgesia is specific to the type of pain being inhibited. Pain, 106:325-335, 2003.
  • Sternberg, W.F., Chesler, E.J., Wilson, S.G., and Mogil, J.S. Acute progesterone can recruit sex-specific neurochemical mechanisms mediating swim stress-induced and kappa-opioid analgesia in mice. Horm. Behav., 46:467-473, 2004.
  • Mogil, J.S., Miermeister, F., Seifert, F., Strasburg, K., Zimmermann, K., Reinold, H., Austin, J.-S., Bernardini, N., Chesler, E.J., Hofmann, H.A., Hordo, C., Messlinger, K., Nemmani, K.V., Rankin, A.L., Ritchie, J., Siegling, A., Smith, S.B., Sotocinal, S., Vater, A., Lehto, S.G., Klussmann, S., Quirion, R., Michaelis, M., Devor, M., and Reeh, P.W.  Variable sensitivity to noxious heat is mediated by differential expression of the CGRP gene. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U.S.A., 102:12938-12943, 2005.
  • Green, A.D., Young, K.K., Lehto, S.G., Smith, S.B., and Mogil, J.S.  Influence of genotype, dose and sex on pruritogen-induced scratching behavior in the mouse.  Pain, 124:50-58, 2006.
Graduate Student

Currently a Senior Scientist at Amgen Inc.

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