Shad B. Smith, Ph.D. (McGill University)

Graduate Student

Currently Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Duke University

  • Dissertation Title:  "Positional cloning of genes contributing to variability in nociceptive and analgesic phenotypes."
  • Wilson, S.G., Smith, S.B., Chesler, E.J., Melton, K.A., Haas, J.J., Mitton, B., Strasburg, K., Hubert, L., Rodriguez-Zas, S.L., and Mogil, J.S. The heritability of antinociception: common pharmacogenetic mediation of five neurochemically distinct analgesics. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 304:547-559, 2003.
  • Smith, S.B. and Mogil, J.S. Genetic tools for the study of pain: current techniques and findings. In: McGrath, P.J. and Finley, G.A. (Eds.) Pediatric Pain: Biological and Social Context. IASP Press: Seattle, pp. 57-80, 2003.
  • Smith, S.B., Crager, S.E., and Mogil, J.S. Paclitaxel-induced neuropathic hypersensitivity in mice: responses in 10 inbred mouse strains.  Life Sci.,74:2593-2604, 2004.
  • Mogil, J.S., Ritchie, J., Smith, S.B., Strasburg, K., Kaplan, L., Wallace, M.R., Romberg, R.R., Bihl, H., Sarton, E.Y., Fillingim, R.B., and Dahan, A. Melanocortin-1 receptor gene variants affect pain and mu-opioid analgesia in mice and humans. J. Med. Genet., 42:583-587, 2005.
  • Mogil, J.S., Miermeister, F., Seifert, F., Strasburg, K., Zimmermann, K., Reinold, H., Austin, J.-S., Bernardini, N., Chesler, E.J., Hofmann, H.A., Hordo, C., Messlinger, K., Nemmani, K.V.S., Rankin, A.L., Ritchie, J., Siegling, A., Smith, S.B., Sotocinal, S.G., Vater, A., Lehto, S.G., Klussmann, S., Quirion, R., Michaelis, M., Devor, M., and Reeh, P.W. Variable sensitivity to noxious heat is mediated by differential expression of the CGRP gene. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 102:12938-12943, 2005.
  • Mogil, J.S., Smith, S.B., O'Reilly, M.K., and Plourde, G. Influence of nociception and stress-induced antinociception on genetic variation in isoflurane anesthetic potency among mouse strains. Anesthesiology, 103:751-758, 2005.
  • Green, A.D., Young, K.K., Lehto, S.G., Smith, S.B., and Mogil, J.S. Influence of genotype, dose and sex on pruritogen-induced scratching behavior in mice.  Pain, 124:50-58, 2006.
  • Langford, D.J., Crager, S.E., Shehzad, Z., Smith, S.B., Sotocinal, S.G., Levenstadt, J.S., Chanda, M.L., Levitin, D.J., and Mogil, J.S.  Social modulation of pain as evidence for empathy in mice.  Science, 312:1967-1970, 2006. 
  • Mogil, J.S., Ritchie, J., Sotocinal, S.G., Smith, S.B., Croteau, S., Levitin, D.J., and Naumova, A.K.  Screening for pain phenotypes: analysis of three congenic mouse strains on a battery of nine nociceptive assays.  Pain, 124:50-58, 2006.
  • Smith, S.B., Marker, C.L., Perry, C., Liao, G., Sotocinal, S.G., Austin, J.-S., Melmed, K., Clark, D.J., Peltz, G., Wickman, K., and Mogil, J.S. Quantitative trait locus and computational mapping identifies Kcnj9(GIRK3) as a candidate gene affecting analgesia from multiple drug classes. Pharmacogenet. Genom., 18:231-242, 2008.
  • LaCroix-Fralish, M.L., Mo, G., Smith, S.B., Sotocinal, S.G., Ritchie, J., Austin, J.-S., Melmed, K., Schorscher-Petcu, A., Laferriere, A., Lee, T.H., Romanovsky, D., Liao, G., Behlke, M.A., Clark, J.D., Peltz, G., Seguela, P., Dobretsov, M., and Mogil, J.S.  The beta3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase mediates variable nociceptive sensitivity in the formalin test.  Pain,144:294-302, 2009.
  • Kest, B., Smith, S.B., Schorscher-Petcu, A., Austin, J.-S., Ritchie, J., Klein, G., Rossi, G.C., Fortin, A., and Mogil, J.S.  Gnao1 (Galphao protein) is a likely genetic contributor to variation in physical dependence on opioids in mice.  Neuroscience, 162:1255-1264, 2009.
  • Smith, S.B. and Mogil, J.S.  Tactile system and nociception.  In: Crusio, W.E., Sluyter, F., and Gerlai, R.T. (Eds.) Handbook of Behavioral Genetics of the Mouse.  Cambridge University Press, UK, in press.
  • Mogil, J.S., Sorge, R.E., LaCroix-Fralish, M.L., Smith, S.B., Fortin, A., Sotocinal, S.G., Ritchie, J.R., Austin, J.-S., Schorscher-Petcu, A., Melmed, K., Czerminski, J., Bittong, R.A., Mokris, J.B., Neubert, J.K., Campbell, C.M., Edwards, R.R., Campbell, J.N., Crawley, J.N., Lariviere, W.R., Wallace, M.R., Sternberg, W.F., Balaban, C.D., Belfer, I., and Fillingim, R.B. Pain sensitivity and vasopressin analgesia are mediated by a gene-sex-environment interaction. Nat. Neurosci., 14:1569-1573, 2011.
  • Sorge, R.E., Trang, T., Dorfman, R., Smith, S.B., Beggs, S., Ritchie, J., Austin, J.-S., Zaykin, D.V., Vander Meulen, H., Costigan, M., Herbert, T.A., Yarkoni-Abitbul, M., Tichauer, D., Livneh, J., Gershon, E., Zheng, M., Tan, K., John, S.L., Slade, G.D., Jordan, J., Woolf, C.J., Peltz, G., Maixner, W., Diatchenko, L., Seltzer, Z., Salter, M.W., and Mogil, J.S. Genetically determined P2X7 receptor pore formation regulates variability in chronic pain sensitivity. Nat. Med., 18:595-599, 2012.
Graduate Student

Currently Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Duke University

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