Melissa Farmer, Ph.D. (McGill University)

Graduate Student

Currently Chief Clinical Officer at Aivo Health

  • Dissertation Title:  "Mouse models of urogenital pain: causes and consequences of infection and inflammation."
  • Farmer, M.A., Binik, Y.M., and Mogil, J.S. Animal models of dyspareunia. In: Goldstein, A.T., Pukall, C.F., and Goldstein, I. (Eds.) Female Sexual Pain Disorders: Evaluation and Management. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK, pp. 199-207, 2009.
  • Farmer, M.A., Taylor, A.M., Bailey, A.L., Tuttle, A.H., MacIntyre, L.C., Milagrosa, Z.E., Crissman, H.P., Bennett, G.J., Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., Binik, Y.M., and Mogil, J.S. Repeated vulvovaginal fungal infections cause persistent pain in a mouse model of vulvodynia. Science Transl. Med., 3:101ra91, 2011.
  • Farmer, M.A., Leja, A., Foxen-Craft, E., Chan, L., MacIntyre, L.C., Niaki, T., Chen, M., Mapplebeck, J.C.S., Tabry, V., Topham, L., Sukosd, M., Binik, Y.M., Pfaus, J.G., and Mogil, J.S.  Pain reduces sexual motivation in female but not male mice.  J. Neurosci., 34:5747-5753, 2014.
Graduate Student

Currently Chief Clinical Officer at Aivo Health

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