Alexander H. Tuttle, Ph.D. (McGill University)

Graduate Student

Social Modulation of Pain in Mice

Currently a Health Program Specialist at NIH/NINDS

  • Dissertation Title:  "Evaluating the role of stress and pain in murine affiliation using a novel behavioral assay."
  • Langford, D.J.*, Tuttle, A.H.*, Brown, K., Deschenes, S., Fischer, D.B., Mutso, A., Root, K.C., Sotocinal, S.G., Stern, M.A., Mogil, J.S., and Sternberg, W.F.  Social approach to pain in laboratory mice.  Soc. Neurosci., 5:163-170, 2010.  (*co-first authors)
  • Langford, D.J.*, Tuttle, A.H.*, Briscoe, C., Harvey-Lewis, C., Baran, I., Gleeson, P., Fischer, D.B., Buonora, M., Sternberg, W.F., and Mogil, J.S. Varying perceived social threat modulates pain behavior in male mice.  J. Pain, 12:125-132, 2011.  (*co-first authors)  
  • Sotocinal, S.G., Sorge, R.E., Zaloum, A., Tuttle, A.H., Martin, L.J., Wieskopf, J.S., Mapplebeck, J.C.S., Wei, P., Zhan, S., Zhang, S., McDougall, J.J., King, O.D., and Mogil, J.S. The Rat Grimace Scale: a partially automated method for quantifying pain in the laboratory rat via facial expressions.  Mol. Pain, 7:55, 2011.
  • Farmer, M.A., Taylor, A.M., Bailey, A.L., Tuttle, A.H., MacIntyre, L.C., Milagrosa, Z.E., Crissman, H.P., Bennett, G.J., Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., Binik, Y.M., and Mogil, J.S. Repeated vulvovaginal fungal infections cause persistent pain in a mouse model of vulvodynia. Science Transl. Med., 3:101ra91, 2011.
  • Sorge, R.E., LaCroix-Fralish, M.L., Tuttle, A.H., Sotocinal, S.G., Austin, J.-S., Ritchie, J., Chanda, M.L., Graham, A.C., Topham, L., Beggs, S., Salter, M.W., and Mogil, J.S.  Spinal cord Toll-like receptor 4 mediates inflammatory and neuropathic hypersensitivity in male but not female mice.  J. Neurosci., 31:15450-15454, 2011
  • Sorge, R.E., LaCroix-Fralish, M.L., Tuttle, A.H., Khoutorsky, A., Sotocinal, S.G., Austin, J.-S., Melmed, K., Labialle, S., Schmidt, J.V., Wood, J.N., Naumova, A.K., and Mogil, J.S. The yin and yang of pain: variability in formalin test nociception and morphine analgesia produced by the Yin Yang 1 transcription factor gene. Genes, Brain and Behavior, 12:405-413, 2013.
  • Chanda, M.L.*, Tuttle, A.H.*, Baran, I., Atlin, C., Guindi, D., Hathaway, G., Israelian, N., Levenstadt, J., Low, D., Macrae, L., O'Shea, L., Silver, A., Zendegui, E., Lenselink, A.M., Spijker, S., Ferrari, M.D., van den Maagdenberg, A.M.J.M., and Mogil, J.S. Behavioral evidence for photophobia and stress-related ipsilateral head pain in transgenic Cacna1a mutant mice. Pain, 154:1254-1262, 2013.
    (*co-first authors)
  • Daou, I., Tuttle, A.H., Long, G., Wieskopf, J.S., Bonin, R., Ase, A., Wood, J.N., De Koninck, Y., Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., Mogil, J.S., and Seguela, P.  Remote optogenetic activation and sensitization of pain pathways in freely moving mice.  J. Neurosci., 33:18631-18640, 2013.
  • Martin, L.J., Tuttle, A.H., and Mogil, J.S.  The interaction between pain and social behavior in humans and rodents. Curr. Top. Behav. Neurosci., 20:233-250, 2014. 
  • Sorge, R.E., Martin, L.J., Isbester, K.A., Sotocinal, S.G., Rosen, S., Tuttle, A.H., Wieskopf, J.S., Acland, E.L., Dokova, A., Kadoura, B., Leger, P., Mapplebeck, J.C.S., McPhail, M., Delaney, A., Wigerblad, G., Schumann, A.P., Quinn, T., Frasnelli, J., Svensson, C.I., Sternberg, W.F., and Mogil, J.S.  Olfactory exposure to males, including human males, stresses rodents.  Nat. Meth., 11:629-632, 2014. 
  • Wieskopf, J.S., Pan, Y.-X., Marcovitz, J., Tuttle, A.H., Majumdar, S., Pidakala, J., Pasternak, G.W., and Mogil, J.S. Broad spectrum analgesic efficacy of IBNtxA is mediated by exon 11-associated splice variants of the mu-opioid receptor gene.  Pain, 155:2063-2070, 2014.
  • Wieskopf, J.S., Mathur, J., Limapichat, W., Post, M.R., Al-Qazzaz, M., Sorge, R.E., Martin, L.J., Zaykin, D.V., Smith, S.B., Freitas, K., Austin, J.-S., Dai, F., Zhang, J., Marcovitz, J., Tuttle, A.H., Slepian, P.M., Clarke, S., Drenan, R.M., Janes, J., Al Sharari, S., Segall, S.K., Aasvang, E.K., Lai, W., Bittner, R., Richards, C.I., Slade, G.D., Kehlet, H., Walker, J., Maskos, U., Changeux, J.-P., Devor, M., Maixner, W., Diatchenko, L., Belfer, I., Dougherty, D.A., Su, A.I., Lummis, S.C.R., Damaj, M.I., Lester, H.A., Patapoutian, A., and Mogil, J.S.  The nicotinic a6 subunit gene determines variability in chronic pain sensitivity via cross-inhibition of P2X2/3 receptors.  Science Translational Medicine, 7:287ra72, 2015.
  • Tuttle, A.H., Tohyama, S., Ramsay, T., Kimmelman, J., Schweinhardt, P., Bennett, G.J., and Mogil, J.S.  Increasing placebo responses over time in U.S. clinical trials of neuropathic pain.  Pain 156:2616-2626, 2015.
  • Tuttle, A.H., Tansley, S., Dossett, K., Tohyama, S., Khoutorsky, A., Maldonado-Bouchard, S., Stein, L., Gerstein, L., Crawhall-Duk, H., Pearl, R., Sukosd, M., Leger, P., Hardt, O., Yachnin, D., Austin, J.-S., Chan, C.M., Groves, I., Pooters, T., Martin, L.J., Sonenberg, N., Gkogkas, C.G., and Mogil, J.S.  Social propinquity in rodents as measured by tube co?occupancy differs between inbred and outbred genotypes.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 114:5515-5520, 2017.
  • Tuttle, A.H., Molinaro, M.J., Jethwa, J.F., Sotocinal, S.G., Prieto, J.C., Styner, M.A., Mogil, J.S., and Zylka, M.J.  A deep neural network to assess spontaneous pain from mouse facial expressions.  Mol. Pain 14:1-29, 2018.
  • Tuttle, A.H., Philip, V.M., Chesler, E.J., and Mogil, J.S.  Comparing phenotypic variation between inbred and outbred mice.  Nat. Meth. 15:994-996, 2018.
  • Tansley, S.N., Tuttle, A.H., Wu, N., Tohyama, S., Dossett, K., Gerstein, L., Ham, B., Austin, J.-S., Sotocinal, S.G., and Mogil, J.S.  Modulation of social behavior and dominance status by chronic pain in mice.  Genes Brain Behav., 18:e12514, 2019.
Graduate Student

Currently a Health Program Specialist at NIH/NINDS

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