Pain Genetics Lab

The Pain Genetics Lab at McGill University, headed by Dr. Jeffrey S. Mogil, is working towards explaining individual differences in the sensitivity to pain, pain inhibition by analgesic drugs, and susceptibility to chronic pain pathologies. The eventual goal is to facilitate personalized pain medicine.  Experiments are designed to identify and characterize both genetic and environmental contributions to such individual differences, and their interaction. Major sub-themes of the lab's activities include sex differences in and social modulation of pain processing, which we have found to interact with genetic background.  More recently, the lab has become very interested in developing new assays and measures of pain in laboratory mice, with the aim of providing tools for basic pain researchers to collect more accurate and relevant predictive data for the development of novel analgesic strategies.

The Lab is located in the Stewart Biology Building on the campus of McGill University in downtown Montreal, and comprises 2,500 square feet of recently renovated space, with a full complement of state-of-the-art behavioural and molecular equipment.  The Lab is affiliated with the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain and the Quebec Pain Research Network.  Currently, there are approximately 15 lab members, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, lab technicians and undergraduates.

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