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Corporate Smoking Cessation Program
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Offered by the Department of Psychology of the Royal Victoria Hospital in collaboration with the Montreal Chest Institute


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The Costs of Smoking in the Workplace (pour le site français cliquez ici)

Why is it important to help your employees stop smoking?

Reason 1: Smokers have more lost workdays and are admitted to hospital more frequently than their non-smoking colleagues. 1

Reason 2: Smoking increases the risk of being admitted to hospital for causes other than injury by more than 25%. 1

Reason 3: The risk of lost workdays, excluding injury and pregnancy, is increased by 60% among men who smoked and by 15% among women smokers. 1

Reason 4: In Canada alone, the total economic costs of smoking are estimated at $9.56 billion per year, including $6.82 billion for lost productivity and $2.68 billion for direct health costs.2 Your company also bears these costs, either directly or indirectly, as seen in reason 5…

Reason 5: Your company will save $2565.00 per year, per employee who quits smoking. 3

The Annual Cost of Employing Smokers (per employee): 3

Cost Factor Cost
Increased absenteeism $230
Decreased productivity $2,175
Increased life insurance premiums $75
Smoking area costs $85

As seen by the 5 reasons above, employee smoking is associated not only with tremendous health costs to the individual, but society - and employers - bear related costs as well. By offering your employees the services of the Corporate Smoking Cessation Program (Kiosks, Conferences, Groups), you will not only increase the well being of your employees, but you will also help alleviate the tremendous social and economic costs related to smoking.


1 Robbins, AS, Fonseca, VP, Chao, SY, Coil, GA, Bell, NS, & Amoroso, PJ. (2000). Short-term effects of cigarette smoking on hospitalization and associated lost workdays in a young healthy population. Tobacco Control, 9, 389-96.

2 Single, E., Robson, L., Xie, X., & Rehm, J. (1998). The economic costs of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs in Canada, 1992. Addiction, 93, 991-1006.

3 The Conference Board of Canada.


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