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Location of the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH)

The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) is located in downtown Montréal in an area bordered on the east by University Avenue and on the south by Pine Avenue. The western extremity extends to Peel Avenue, while the border on the north side runs along the edge of the popular mid-city greenspace, Mount Royal Park.

The main hospital building contains many medical departments, while the Department of Psychiatry is situated in a separate complex, the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI), at the eastern edge of the Hospital grounds.

The Allan Memorial Institute

Location of the Psychology Department

Most of the staff of the Department of Psychology are situated in the relatively new wing of the AMI with offices which provide an attractive and comfortable milieu for our staff and patients.

There are an additional five psychologists in the Child and Adolescent Service (C&A) are housed in a McGill University building at 3666 McTavish, a five-minute walk from the main AMI building.

Location of the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI)

The Psychology Department is located in the AMI, at 1025 Pine Avenue west.

Arrival by car: Enter hospital grounds through entrance P 6, at the corner of Peel Street and Pine Avenue. Approaching this entrance from Peel Street requires that you drive through the Pine intersection up the ascending driveway onto the Hospital grounds. This is facilitated by staying in the right-hand lane on Peel Street as you drive through the intersection.

If you are approaching this same entrance coming east along Pine Avenue, you will turn right 20 feet before the Peel-Pine intersection.

The parking costs at the RVH are $5 per half hour up to a maximum cost of approximately $20. Although the fees might seem high, there are very competitive with downtown rates and more importantly, the profits are ultimately used for patient-care.

Despite this fee, parking close to the AMI maybe difficult, so allow extra time for your first visit. If you arrive late in the day when parking spaces might be scarce, tune your radio to our own parking-update broadcast on FM 88.5.

Arrival by public transportation:  From the Peel Metro station, walk up the steep two blocks of Peel Street to the entrance at Peel Street and Pine Avenue. If you feel the need to forgo this aerobic experience, wait for the 107 bus at the Peel Metro station and stay on until its termination in front of the main RVH along Pine Street. Then, walk westward along level ground to the path just before MacTavish which leads into the AMI.

From the Sherbrooke Metro station, take the 144 bus to the corner of Peel Street and Pine Avenue.

The AMI is a large restored mansion two buildings east of the parking kiosk.

Finding the Department of Psychology at the AMI: Enter the AMI at 1025 Pine Avenue west, by the large wooden antique door at the front of the building. Continue along the main corridor, past the confectionary machines until you reach the elevator. Get off at the second floor, turn to your right for two steps and turn left down the corridor to the Psychology Waiting Room.

To obtain more information, call (514) 934-1934 ext. 34284.


                  Entrance through large wooden door                           Information desk at the AMI


       Office of the Admininstrative Assistant                       Waiting Room of the Dept. of Psychology

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