October 2016,
Dr. Jason Gullifer leads a highly successful R workshop at McGill; Lab member Naomi Vingron also an instrumental part of the departmental organizing committee.

September 2016,
Debra Titone serves as invited panelist at International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) symposium. Topic: the now infamous, debate-inspiring bilingual advantages hypothesis.

September 2016, New graduate student arrives,
Mehrgol Tiv, from University of Pittsburgh..

June 2016, Lab presents research at CSBBCS, University of Ottawa.

June 2016, Women in Cognitive Science Canada officially launches at the Annual CSBBCS meeting at the University of Ottawa. See FB link for photos.

March 2016, With funding from NSERC,
Debra Titone and Penny Pexman (University of Calgary) co-found Women in Cognitive Science Canada (WiCS-Canada).

December 2015,
Naveed Sheikh defends dissertation! Dr. Sheikh later celebrates in style.

October 2015,
Dr. Jason Gullifer arrives at the lab as an NIH NRSA postdoc from Penn State!

September 2015, New graduate students in the lab —
Naomi Vingron, Sivaniya Subramaniapillai, & Shannon Riley..

May 2015, Our colleague
Dr. Denise Klein spear-headed a highly successful meeting, Montreal Bilingual Brain Initiative Symposium: Multiple Perspectives on Bilingualism and the Brain, at the MNI.
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January 2015, Special Issue on Formulaic Language, co-edited by Steffi Wulff & Debra Titone, in print at The Mental Lexicon.
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November 19, 2014, Another stellar student defended her Ph.D. today -
Dr. Veronica Whitford..
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November 12, 2014, On the same day that a washing-machine-sized probe landed on a comet’s surface,
Irina Pivneva defended her dissertation with great success! -- Congratulations Dr. Pivneva..
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October 2014, CRLMB posts
McGill Channels News entry on Shari Baum and Debra Titone’s keynote article, Bilingualism, Aging, Executive Control and Neuroplasticity published in Applied Psycholinguistics. See also mention in Psychology Today, and on the CRBLM site.

September 2014:
Gillian O’Driscoll, Veronica Whitford, and Debra Titone present their research on reading in people with schizophrenia at a symposium in honour of Professor Philip Holzman at the Society for Research in Psychopathology meeting in Chicago, organized by Sohee Park and Deborah Levy. Many of Phil’s former students presented and were in attendance, and the great Martin Harrow was the discussant (the only psychologist we know who played Bobby Fischer at chess twice and didn’t lose!)

September 2014:
Shari Baum & Debra Titone write keynote article (with public commentary) on Bilingualism, Aging, Executive Control and Neuroplasticity published in Applied Psycholinguistics.
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April 2014:
Debra Titone and other SZ researchers (Gina Kuperberg & Kim Mueser) mentioned in Nature Outlook piece on Language and Schizophrenia.

March 2014: Through the
CRBLM, we organized at McGill an Advanced Workshop on Linear Mixed Effects Models given by Professor Reinhold Kliegl, of the University of Potsdam, Germany.
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October 2013:
Debra Titone hosts Dr. David Green (University College London), Department of Psychology Hebb Lecturer and CRBLM dataSTORM special guest.
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October 2013:
Veronica Whitford presents research at the “International Conference on Multilingualism”, Montreal, QC
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October 2012:
Debra Titone, Veronica Whitford & other key volunteers organize CRBLM Workshop on “Bilingualism & Neurocognitive Change over the Lifespan”, featuring Dr. Judith Kroll (Penn State) as keynote speaker.
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