Common Lisp language

Many of the algorithms and techniques featured in the book are readily available in programs written in the Lisp programming language. This includes both symbolic and neural techniques. To run these Lisp programs, it is necessary to have a Lisp interpreter or compiler. Compiling the Lisp code permits substantially faster execution. Franz Inc. offers a good, free-trial version of Common Lisp

Although it is not necessary to be an expert Lisp programmer to use the Lisp simulation programs referenced on this site, it is highly desirable to know the basics of Lisp programming. One of the best books on Lisp is Paul Grahamís On Lisp, now available online.

An excellent online tutor for learning Lisp basics is the ELM-ART Lisp Tutor by Gerhard Weber. An important technique not covered in this tutor is that of DO loops for repetitive computation, but this is covered in most textbooks on Lisp.