Dr. Yoshio Takane (left in the picture) and Heungsun received the Sugiyama Meiko Award (Publication Award) of the Behaviormetric Society of Japan for their book "Generalized structured component analysis: A component-based approach to structural equation modeling (Hwang & Takane, 2014, CRC Press)."



Sunmee, Karl J├Âreskog, and Ji Yeh at the Modern Modeling Methods Conference (University of Connecticut, USA)


10th Statistical Analysis of OMics Data Workshop: Pathway Analysis via Structural Equation Modeling (Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Laboratory, Department of Statistics, Seoul National University, South Korea)




Lab alumna Dr. Hye Won Suk received the 2014 Dissertation Award of the Psychometric Society at IMPS (Madison, WI, USA).