Current Members

Heungsun Hwang (Principal Investigator)

heungsun.hwang [at]

He received his PhD in Quantitative Psychology from McGill University. Prior to joining McGill, he was Assistant Professor of Marketing at HEC Montreal and Research Analyst at a marketing consulting company. He serves on the editorial board of numerous journals, including Psychometrika, Behaviormetrika, Frontiers in Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, Ethics & Behavior, and IEEK Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing. 

Ahmed Khalil Ben Ayed (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

benayed.ak [at]

He obtained his PhD in Marketing from HEC Montreal. He is interested in applying structural equation modeling to address various issues in marketing and management. He was awarded a SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship.

Ji Yeh (Jessica) Choi (Ph.D. Student)

ji.yeh.choi [at]

She received her BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She is interested in functional and multivariate data analysis, cluster analysis, three-way data analysis, and Bayesian statistics.

Sunmee Kim (Ph.D. Student) [at]

She earned her bachelor's degree in Statistics and Psychology and her master's degree in Statistics from Korea University. She is interested in longitudinal data analysis, cluster analysis, predictive modeling, and structural equation modeling.



Alumni Post-Doctoral and Graduate Researchers (Current Position)

Golsa Dehghan MSc (2016, Biostatistics) Statistical Research Assistant, Montreal Jewish General Hospital, Canada
Héla Romdhani

Post-Doc (2014)

Senior Economist, Analysis Group, Canada

Tian-Yu Tan Ph.D. (2014) Associate Director, Equity Portfolio, TD Asset Management, Canada
Michio Yamamoto Post-Doc (2013) Assistant Professor of Biomedical Statistics and Bioinformatics, Kyoto University, Japan
Hye Won Suk Ph.D. (2013) Assistant Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University, USA
Kwanghee Jung Ph.D. (2011) Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center, USA
Jason Polak 2009-2010 PhD student of Mathematics, McGill University, Canada



Alumni Undergraduate Researchers

Ze Hao Ding 2016  
Segolene Zeller 2016  
Yolanda Jin 2016  
Emily Mcconathy 2012  
Victoria Della Cioppa 2010  
Leona Teixeira 2009  
Lisa Nobel 2007