Students must meet the degree requirements of the department in which they are registered (including requirements for courses, Ph.D. comprehensives, thesis proposals, internships, thesis, etc.). Students are referred to the websites of their intended home departments for details:

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Integrated Studies in Education

Activities specific to the Language Acquisition option include a core set of courses: 

    1. Three interdisciplinary seminars (2 credits each), selected from the list below.
    2. One intermediate or advanced graduate level statistics course (3 credits). Students who have already taken an equivalent statistics course may be exempted from this requirement.
    3. Students must take at least one (3-credit) graduate level course in language acquisition at McGill or at another university in Montreal (with permission of the Director of LAP). These courses can also be used in fulfillment of the PhD program requirements of the student's home department.

Interdisciplinary Seminars on Language Acquisition
PSYC 709 Issues in Language Acquisition I (2 credits)
LING 710 Issues in Language Acquisition II (2 credits) 
EDSL 711 Issues in Language Acquisition III (2 credits) 
SCSD 712 Issues in Language Acquisition IV (2 credits) 

The theme of each course will be determined on a year-by-year basis by the participating departments.

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