Corporate Smoking Cessation Program
McGill University Health Centre

Offered by the Department of Psychology of the Royal Victoria Hospital in collaboration with the Montreal Chest Institute


The solutions:




We can offer your company several solutions (Kiosks, Conferences, Groups), to help your employees stop smoking...


We simply set up shop in your foyer or lunch room with our pamphlets, information sheets and motivational props. A health professional with experience in conducting smoking cessation programs is available to answer questions and kick start the quitting process. Motivation in the near committed can be enhanced by our equipment to measure carbon monoxide in the exhaled breath of smokers, while for the more hardened, we have the very vivid example of the ravages of smoking in the form of emphysemic lungs. (aussi offert en français)


Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the 4000 chemical substances in cigarette smoke. The breath CO monitor is an instrument that measures the quantity of CO exhaled from the lungs. This helps to rapidly sensitize smokers to the impact of tobacco on their health. As CO levels drop to normal after about 8 hours without smoking, this encourages people by sensitizing them to the beneficial effects of a smoke-free life.

We will expose 2 dried lungs, one is healthy, the other emphysemic. These are useful for clients to compare and observe the damages caused by tobacco use.

These are a series of pictures showing the progressive deterioration of lungs due to diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

“Hands Free” is a short film produced by the Canadian Cancer Society, Quebec Division. It presents with humour and realism the stages that a person who decides to stop smoking must pass through (preparation, withdrawal, maintenance). “Mouseology” is an animated short film produced by the National Film Board of Canada. It relates the adventures of someone trying to quit smoking and who is suffering from cravings. The latter is symbolized by a little mouse living in her head that tries to lure her to cigarettes.

Different pamphlets are distributed, providing information on tobacco, pharmacological treatments, alternative methods, smoking cessation guides, and resources available for smoking cessation in the Montreal region. Also included are placemats listing the benefits of smoking cessation within 20 minutes to 15 years, emphasising the positive advantages to quit smoking.

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Jean-Marc Assaad, Ph.D.
Director, Corporate Smoking Cessation Program
McGill University Health Centre
Department of Psychology
Royal Victoria Hospital
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