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Recent Publications 

Nasir SM, Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2013) Sensorimotor Adaptation Changes the Neural Coding of Somatosensory Stimuli. J. Neurophysiol. 109:2077-85.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (692 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2013) Motor Learning and its Sensory Effects: The Time Course of Perceptual Change, and its Presence with Gradual Introduction of Load. J. Neurophysiol. 109:782-91.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (413 KB)]

Lametti DR, Nasir S, and Ostry DJ (2012) Sensory preference in speech production revealed by simultaneous alteration of auditory and somatosensory feedback. J Neurosci 32:9351-9359.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1403 KB)]

Rochet-Capellan A, Richer L and Ostry DJ (2012) Non-homogeneous transfer reveals specificity in speech motor learning, J Neurophysiol 107(6):1711-1717.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (461 MB)]

Mattar AAG, Nasir SM, Darainy M and Ostry DJ (2011) Sensory change following motor learning. in Green AM, Chapman CE, Kalaska JF and Lepore F (Eds), Progress in Brain Research, Volume 191 (pp 29-42).
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1.10 MB)]

Vahdat S, Darainy M, Milner TE, Ostry DJ (2011) Functionally specific changes in resting-state sensorimotor networks after motor learning. J Neurosci. 31:16907–16915.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (603 KB)]

Rochet-Capellan A, Ostry DJ (2011) Simultaneous acquisition of multiple auditory-Motor transformations in speech. J Neurosci. 31:2648-2655.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (629 KB)]

Ito T, Ostry DJ (2010) Somatosensory contribution to motor learning due to facial skin deformation. J Neurophysiol 104:1230-1230.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (248 KB)]

Lametti DR, Ostry DJ (2010) Postural constraint on movement variability. J Neurophysiol 104:1061-1067.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (2625 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2010) Generalization of dynamics learning across changes in movement amplitude. J Neurophysiol 104:426-438.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (552 KB)]

Ostry DJ, Darainy M, Mattar AAG, Wong J, Gribble PL (2010) Somatosensory plasticity and motor learning. J Neurosci 30:5384-5393.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1016 KB)] - [J Neurosci Journal Club Commentary PDF format (210 KB)] - [J Neurophysiol Neuro Forum Commentary PDF format (106 KB)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2009) Auditory plasticity and speech motor learning. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:20470–20475.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format(716 KB)] - [Supporting Information PDF format (101 KB)] - [Commentary PDF format (100 KB)]

Laboissière R, Lametti DR, Ostry DJ (2009) Impedance control and its relation to precision in orofacial movement. J Neurophysiol 102:523-531.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (355 KB)]

Darainy M, Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2009) Effects of human arm impedance on dynamics learning and generalization. J Neurophysiol 101:3158–3168.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (408 KB)]

Ito T, Tiede M, Ostry DJ (2009) Somatosensory function in speech perception. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:1245–1248.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (240 KB)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2008) Speech motor learning in profoundly deaf adults. Nat Neurosci 11:1217–1222.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (400 KB)] - [Neuropod Podcast] - [Dispatch PDF format (64 KB)]

Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2008) Muscle cocontraction following dynamics learning. Exp Brain Res 190:153-163.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1.0 MB)]

Andres M, Ostry DJ, Nicol F, Paus T (2008) Time course of number magnitude interference during grasping. Cortex 44:414-419.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (395 K)]

Tremblay S, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2008) Specificity of speech motor learning. J Neurosci 28:2426–2434.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (395 KB)]

Darainy M, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2007) Control of hand impedance under static conditions and during reaching movement. J Neurophysiol 97:2676–2685.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (1890 KB)]

Lametti DR, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2007) Control of movement variability and the regulation of limb impedance. J Neurophysiol 98:3516-3524.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1257 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2007) Neural averaging in motor learning. J Neurophysiol 97:220-228.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (462 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2007) Modifiability of generalization in dynamics learning. J Neurophysiol 98:3321-3329.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1155K)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2006) Somatosensory precision in speech production. Curr Biol 16:1918–1923.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (408 KB)] - [Supplemental Data PDF format (152 KB)]- [Dispatch PDF format (132 KB)]

Darainy M, Malfait N, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2006) Transfer and durability of acquired patterns of human arm stiffness. Exp Brain Res 170:227-237.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (308 KB)]

Shiller DM, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2005) Voluntary control of human jaw stiffness. J Neurophysiol 94:2207-2217.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (794 KB)]

Malfait N, Gribble PL, Ostry DJ (2005) Generalization of motor learning based on multiple field exposures and local adaptation. J Neurophysiol 93:3327-3338.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (3976 KB)]

Della-Maggiore V, Malfait N, Ostry DJ, Paus T (2004) Stimulation of the posterior parietal cortex interferes with arm trajectory adjustments during the learning of new dynamics. J Neurosci 24:9971-9976.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (177 KB)]

Darainy M, Malfait N, Gribble PL, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2004) Learning to control arm stiffness under static conditions. J Neurophysiol 92:3344-3350.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (267 KB)]

Malfait N, Ostry DJ (2004) Is interlimb transfer of force-field adaptation a "cognitive" response to the sudden introduction of load? J Neurosci 24:8084-8089.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (342 KB)]

Petitto LA, Holowka S, Sergio LE, Levy B, Ostry DJ (2004) Baby hands that move to the rhythm of language: hearing babies acquiring sign languages babble silently on the hands. Cognition 93:43-73.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (382 KB)]

Ostry DJ, Feldman AG (2003) A critical evaluation of the force control hypothesis in motor control. Exp Brain Res 221:275-288.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (235 KB)]

Tremblay S, Shiller DM, Ostry DJ (2003) Somatosensory basis of speech production. Nature 423:866-869.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (341 KB)] - [Commentary in Nature Reviews Neuroscience PDF format (387 KB)]

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